Krioneri Cave Diving – Greece

Astonishing karst formations of huge stalagmites and stalactites are hidden in the Krioneri Sea Cave located in Peloponnese, Greece nearby the Arcadian Village (-Arkadiko Chorio).

This cave first recorded and filmed by the Greek pioneer diver mr.Alexis Papadopoulos.

The entrance can be approached only by boat.

One has to surpass the alocline film to reveal the magnificent stalactite decorated ceiling of the cave.

This dive performed with my friends Stelios Stamatakis, Nektarios Athanasiadis and Erikos Kranidiotis, whose amazing footage is depicted in the herebelow video.

More videos on fellow divers Erikos & Stelios web site:


Cave diving in Greece – Sintzi Spring

Sintzi Spring located in Kandhila, Arcadia, is yet the deepest known underwater natural cavity in Greece, reached and explored by Xenofon Pitsinelis to the depth of -186m back in 2015.


The main circular route is about 800m at a maximum depth of ~20m.

However, the cave diver can jump into too many cavities, tunnels and dead ends.

With my fellow divers and friends George Kolikis and Nektarios Athanasiades, we enjoyed this submerged wonder of nature.